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TACAR, the TERENA Academic Certification Authority Repository, is a trusted repository operated by TERENA to safely store and securely distribute verified root Certification Authority (CA) certificates. Because of its features, TACAR became in 2005 the official repository of the Grid community (represented by the IGTF).

During the preparation of the eduPKI workplan, it was agreed to use TACAR to handle different certificate profiles and to list CAs and the profiles they comply with.

It was then agreed to expand TACAR functionality to also support eduPKI needs.

The requirements for the new version of TACAR (v2) were collected through interviews with the eduPKI PMA and IGTF members. Based on their answers, it was agreed to review the existing TACAR roles, to reassess what information TACAR should store and to review the workflow to store and update TACAR's content.

How to reach TACAR

TACAR is available at www.tacar.org.

eduPKI's Categories in TACAR

An overview about the TACAR Categories maintained by eduPKI and the relevant accredited CAs is available here.