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Supported eduPKI Trust Profiles

The eduPKI CA supports the following eduPKI Trust Profiles:

CA Root Certificate


  • SHA-1: BD:7F:78:7E:6A:82:B8:D0:FF:05:57:E2:32:80:1D:75:65:01:EA:60
  • MD5: 14:BD:1E:01:AD:7D:19:48:39:37:83:93:BB:9D:A2:D1


  • From: Nov  8 10:15:36 2010 GMT
  • Until: Nov  3 10:15:36 2030 GMT

Download / Browserimport:

Certificate Revocation List

Download the certificate revocation list (CRL) from http://cdp.edupki.org/edupki-ca/pub/crl/cacrl.crl.

OCSP Responder

The eduPKI CA has its OCSP responder at


This OCSP responder URL is included in the appropriate certificate extension of all issued end-entity certificates.

This OCSP responder URL is automatically observed by a web browser once it encounters a web server certificate issued by the eduPKI CA and if the web browser is capable and configured to use OCSP responder queries.

Note: This OCSP responder URL is not meant to be browsed to directly by putting the URL into a web browser's navigation field.