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CA Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement

Supported eduPKI Trust Profiles

The eduPKI CA supports the following eduPKI Trust Profiles:

CA Root Certificate


  • SHA-1: BD:7F:78:7E:6A:82:B8:D0:FF:05:57:E2:32:80:1D:75:65:01:EA:60
  • MD5: 14:BD:1E:01:AD:7D:19:48:39:37:83:93:BB:9D:A2:D1


  • From: Nov  8 10:15:36 2010 GMT
  • Until: Nov  3 10:15:36 2030 GMT

Download / Browserimport:

Certificate Revocation List

Download the certificate revocation list (CRL) from

OCSP Responder

The eduPKI CA has its OCSP responder at

This OCSP responder URL is included in the appropriate certificate extension of all issued end-entity certificates.

This OCSP responder URL is automatically observed by a web browser once it encounters a web server certificate issued by the eduPKI CA and if the web browser is capable and configured to use OCSP responder queries.

Note: This OCSP responder URL is not meant to be browsed to directly by putting the URL into a web browser's navigation field.