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Tests and Demos

For test- and demo-purposes an eduPKI Test-CA has been set up.

Certificates issued by the eduPKI Test-CA are only for testing purposes and may not be used in any other way.

The eduPKI Test-CA can be used in different ways which are described below.

Test - Web-Interfaces

Using the eduPKI Test-CA web-interfaces every interested person can either play the user role and apply for a certificate or play the RA-role and approve certificate requests, revoke certificates etc. The respective web-interfaces are

  1. For users to apply for a user or server test-certificate (
  2. For RAs to approve the requests and initiate the issuance of the test-certificates (

For the RA-role you need an eduPKI Test-RA operator certificate. Please send an email to to get this certificate.

Test - Certificate Request Generator

To make the application of server certificates as easy as possible, eduPKI provides a Certificate Request Generator that 

  • generates a key pair and a certificate signing request (CSR)
  • submits an electronic certificate application to the respective Registration Authority (RA)
  • produces a PDF certificate application form and stores the private key, the CSR and the PDF

To test and/or demonstrate the usage of request the Certificate Request Generator go to

  1. Certificate Request Generator (of eduPKI Test CA) to generate and submit a certificate request
  2. RA Web-Interface of eduPKI Test CA ( to approve the request and initiate the issuance of a test-certificate (see above)